Saturday, Lotus and Mad Evil Stick.

June 20, 2009


Has he gone mad??? You must be thinking.

Today’s a Saturday and if the morning is anything to go by, the rest of the day should be one of those bright sunny picturesque scenes that you see on postcards. A day out in the sun kind of day! Hmmm, hasn’t “Queen” got a song with that title.. ???

But hey with the weather, you never can tell…. Now, I know Chuck Berry sang that line!

Some of you might know that in my other life, I am a landscaper; if we’ve met in some of my earlier forums especially.

No longer active these days, I still got friends who come to me for help with their plants and gardens and I keep involvement to the minimum.

Those of you into gardening will know that taking care, good care, of plant is a very time-consuming activity and don’t you believe any of that sales pitch that goes “Low maintenance DIY landscaping Kit”.

The only low maintenance plant in my experience is the plastic ones – clean with soap water every now and then….

So I got this friend who wanted one of my lotuses and she would show up every other week to see if I have it ready for her – you know cutting from the mother plant.

Not brain surgery but still a “delicate” procedure unless you want to end up killing mother and child.

Today, I must get around to doing this ..Before I end up losing this lady friend …ahem ahem.

And what “Mad Evil Stick” are we talking about?

Well, got a magazine somewhere with a detailed description of this but it’s going to take a while to find that copy…so maybe later…

There is a more recent book published andI think you can get a copy at Plumpub.

A really nice form, if like me, you’re a stick fanatic …. Not the “mad evil” portion hahaha…

And when you do order, maybe you want to mention my name.

Why? So that the next time I’m in Santa Cruz I’ll go see Ted/Debbie (owners of Plumpub) about a free coffee.

Aha, not so mad after all right hahahaha !!!



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