Liuhebafa 六合八法拳

June 18, 2009

From Wikipedia :-

Six Harmonies

  1. 體合于心 (Pinyin: tǐhéyúxīn) Body and Mind Combine
  2. 心合于意 (xīnhéyúyì) Mind and Intent Combine
  3. 意合于氣 (yìhéyúqì) Intent and Chi Combine
  4. 氣合于神 (qìhéyúshén) Chi and Spirit Combine
  5. 神合于動 (shénhéyúdòng) Spirit and Movement Combine
  6. 動合于空 (dònghéyúkōng) Movement and Emptiness Combine

Eight Methods

  1. 氣 (qì) Chi
  2. 骨 (gǔ) Bone
  3. 形 (xíng) Shape
  4. 隨 (suí) Follow
  5. 提 (tí) Rise
  6. 還 (huán) Return
  7. 勒 (lè) Retain
  8. 伏 (fú) Conceal

Not easy to view this style in Singapore during my time, don’t know about now though.

My initial perception came mainly from magazines/books published in Hong Kong and then there’s the HK actor “Kam Tong” who hails from this style.

I think during one of the early SE Asia Pugilistic Tournament, a Hong Kong LHBF exponent emerged as champion in his weight category in Singapore.

Then in the 80s and 90s, more books and DVDs came on the scene and these are mainly mainland products.

So, finally I got to see it in action, even though it’s only on my TV screen.

Nowadays, you need only to Google and viola ….. and if you visit mainland sites, you’ll get to see more.

Scans from one of my books about LHBF.


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