Under one roof….

June 17, 2009

Some of you might know this already … but then again maybe not, unless like me, you spend time in Chinese forums.

I’ve stopped “playing” in most forums except one or two that are conducted in Chinese and this has been going on for the last 3 -4 years.

Basically because I am able to get more out of those forums; members who are uploading and sharing materials aplenty and discussions seldom go into “I am more original” or “I can piss further” exasperating chest-thumping sessions.

Regardless of whether it’s internal, external, northern or southern exchanges and discussions are backed with sound writings and materials by real authorities on the subject matter.

Back about a year ago, one of the sites embarked on a very laudable project and that is to put as much printed materials online for members to share in their researches and studies.

I know how hard this can be even with just minimum scanning and uploading of a small portion in my collection.

But still I like to commend those folks for their spirit and agreed to participate.

I am just hoping that they are not too disappointed with my input given the little time that I could squeeze out every day to contribute.

Just imagine all the printed CKF materials in the last 100 years under one on-line library …. now when didn’t someone thought of that when I was collecting???

You know, I guess I was invited because of my small library of non-mainland works that I have accumulated.

Mainland materials – mine is no match against their inventory.

Well, personally I love this new generation of Chinese in the old country; more amenable to working with Chinese everywhere and really, it’s about time.

Afterall, it’s Chinese culture that we are talking here and the onus must be on the Chinese to ensure that it’s correctly maintained.

In spite of historical baggage, I guess there is some truth in the saying that the internet is the “equalizer” after all.

Here are covers of some of the magazines and books that I have uploaded towards this cause. Some of you might have seen these before in my “Kung Fu Galaxy” sites – both the one that I did about a year ago and the other older site.

That older site is about 10 years old and I had decided not to renew it.

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