Fuzhou Tiger.

June 17, 2009

Another style that came along with Fuzhou resettling in Singapore; Southern Tiger that is more or less considered as “Fuzhou” style on the mainland.

This together with Whooping Crane, Ancestral Crane, Feeding Crane, Flying Crane, Hibernating Crane, Dog Ground Boxing and Golden Lion are traditionally linked to Fuzhous and in Singapore, most of these made their appearances but not all took roots.

Dog Boxing is one good example; the style went back during the 70s and 80s and these days, it’s quite unusual to find any exponents in Singapore from the old days. Every now and then, I would hear of one but these couple of years looking, I have yet to contact any.

I recall an anniversary dinner at the Fuzhou Association back in the 70s and that evening, a whole array of styles were presented.

Including the styles I mentioned above and I asked my teacher about Tiger Boxing ; one group items that they presented was their version of Sanchin and it’s so close to the “Tiger Crane Sanchin” that we do in the Fuqing line of “Whooping Crane”.

My teacher told me that Tiger boxing has a very unique relationship with White Crane and those days; my interest wasn’t really about historical backgrounds so I did not pursue this.

Now of course, you’ll hear how the founder of Uechi-ryu karate spent time in Fuzhou studying with Zhou Ji He, more or less accepted as the founder of Fuzhou Tiger Boxing.

What the exact connection between the 2?

Well, I am in no position to comment.

I don’t do either.

But looking at the names of Tiger Boxing forms, I think, might be of interest to some of you.

After Sanchin, they also have forms like:-

  • SiMen or 4 Doors (I am spelling Chinese names the way I read them in Fuzhou)
  • San Seik Lurk or 36.
  • Swork Pak Lin Paik or 108

And if you refer to the White Crane lineage chart published in recent years in China, Zhou Ji He is recorded as a student of Fang Chi Niang’s White Crane .

The same Zhou ?

Maybe, maybe not.

I blame myself for not asking more that evening during that dinner some 20 – 30 years ago ….. what was I thinking???

Here’s Tiger Sanchin.

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