Can anyone in Singapore help with this?

June 17, 2009

Again this entry is prompted by a received email, from Ian in Singapore.

He was asking about the “LiuHe” that I mentioned in one of my earlier entries and I thought I take a little time to talk about this.

Please don’t confuse this with “LiuHeBafa” – the excellent internal style that means “Six Harmonies (Combinations) and Eight Methods”.

The “LiuHe” I referred to is a Northern system and at one time, there was a teacher in Singapore teaching this. This system is also sometimes known as “Weito LiuHe”.

That teacher,we know him as “Lien Suk” and before immigrating to China, he was with the “Central Kuoshu Academy” in China.

“Lien Suk” (I am not sure if he is still around, I met him in my 20s and he was in his 60s at that time) is somewhat a local celebrity in Singapore after having completed a full marathon at that age. The local papers ran some articles about this.

I remember him to be connected to a kung fu school “Chi Lu” that was located in the Rochore area downtown.

According to Ian, this school is no longer operating since a couple of years back …..

So if you are from Singapore and know of any “LiuHe” exponents from that school, drop me a note.

I got some LiuHe books in my collection and I’ll try to put some up to share in the next few days.


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