Singing Crane.

June 16, 2009

Something that I recurrently hear – why don’t you talk more about your Fuzhou/Fuqing White Crane or MingHe/ZhongHe Quan?

Really there is so little info anywhere; not online or in print and now that it’s just me and my Sihing, I should fill the gap ….. so I’ve been told … too many times.

Well, I have my reasons, starting with the knowledge that there’s someone who is just copying and then twisting them to call his own.

This joker has been using materials that I gave him and putting them up in forums etc shamelessly claiming it as his. I got all my communications with him still kept intact to prove this – hey yahoo mail, with recipient names and dates cannot be forged, that is the beauty of emails.

Plus friends tell me, it’s so apparent, I write in my own unusual erratic manner that could be spotted a mile away.

The other strong reason, to me, is the fact that no kung fu can be passably conveyed in words.

No matter how well you write, kung fu is something “tactile”.

No touch hands no kung fu – it’s as straightforward as that,

You can talk shop but to think you can fully describe any kung fu is a fallacy.

Even in my White Crane school, there was a big sign on the wall that said “Talk less, train more”.

My students will tell you that I am always on the training floor with them. “Play” and “Keep playing” is how I like to put it. I show you and you do and you keep doing…….

My teacher was old school, the breed that teaches “do one technique 10,000 times and don’t bother with 10,000 techniques”.

So talking during training was kept to the minimum.

But that doesn’t mean classes were quiet but on the contrary… most of our training sessions were real noisy.

We are “Singing” Crane after all ……we “sing” to be “strong” …hahahaha…

Got some Qinna techniques here that remind me of embedded Qinna techniques found in “Neik Paik Po” Fuzhou for “28 Steps”.

Some of you Karate folks might be more accustomed to “Nipapo”.

jinqong qinnq_Page_148jinqong qinnq_Page_149jinqong qinnq_Page_159jinqong qinnq_Page_163

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