Praying Mantis GM Lim Bo Yan 1903-1990

June 14, 2009


lin2“Master Lin taught boxing for 66 years until he was 87 years old. He was a great teacher who profoundly influenced all his students. His pupils are spread all over the world. Master Lin lived an earnest life without unhealthy hobbies. His lifelong interest was teaching martial arts. He also exercised Taoist Qigong as supplement. He held the Taoist ideal of stillness (wu-wei) in high esteem. So he spent the autumn of his life in quiet and happiness.”

Saw him a few times, many years back, in performances and in his school at the Lim Clan Association building in Shenton Way area in Singapore. (The building in the bottom pic).

There was also a time that I used to train every Sunday morning in one of the reservoirs in Singapore – McRitchie Reservoir at a spot near our wartime hero Lim Bo Sheng’s grave.

I spoke about this before in a forum, this Sunday training also doubled as a kind of meeting place for many Kung Fu schools and masters; it was there that I watched many of GM Lim’s students practicing.

Dressed in all white, their super-coordinated crispy movements and dynamic power got me mesmerized, to say the least.

Really folks, if only shooting video was as simple as it is today …. All the different styles would take turn to “perform” while the rest waited and watched… any video recording will be priceless!

And the “dim sum” session after training … that’s half a Sunday gone already.

Anyway before I keep on reminiscing, found a website with info about GM Lim.

Click here.

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