Have a Kitkat …right!

June 13, 2009

Was setting up to take the weekends off from this blog; drive out to the countryside someplace, nothing specific and see what the day brings – you know just goofing….

And I was just about to step out of the house when my phone rang. Caller ID says “Por Suk” and no way am I going to ignore this.

He is scheduling to visit some “Cho Gar Ban Chung” folks in Kuala Lumpur sometimes next week and wanted to know I am available for this trip; knowing my interest in talking to more folks from this style of Wing Chun or to be more accurate, Cho Family Opera Wing Chun.

We carried on with conversation about our impending trip to the US and how best to introduce his line of WCK there; Por Suk is the 4th generation custodian of his Cho Gar Wing Chun.

Highly revered in this region, he is very much sought after for his views on many things related to CKF by folks from across many styles.

I have nothing but the highest respect for this elder.

For those of you who miss my previous entry about Por Suk’s Cho Gar WCK, just note for now that his style links beginning back to Jhee Shim, one of the 5 elders of Shaolin.

In the next few days, I would be opening another blog devoted to styles, schools and Masters in SE Asia.

I will start with Por Suk and GM Cheong Cheng Loong ……

Now I really need that break.

ps 5wm


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