My collection.

June 12, 2009

Received a message recently asking me where I sourced all the books and videos that I’ve got …..

Okay, where do I start?

Well, many years ago, my earliest books actually came from my dad and uncles who did some Fuzhou White Crane but being the busy businessmen that they were, practicing kung fu took a back seat in their lives.

And this is pretty much what the Fuzhou did, in the old country and anywhere else that they resettled; always the middleman, buying and selling to make a buck.

Anyway, this is another story for another day…now back to the books and videos.

I guess you could say my dad ignited a fire in me that lasted until now; the love of old kung fu books and wuxia novels.

Throughout my entire schooling days in the 60s and 80s, I would use pocket money to purchase any books and magazines that I could find. This was a time in Singapore when reading was one of the few distractions from everyday mundane activities. TV back then was nothing to crow about and going to the movies was usually a once-a-month affair. Bookshops were doing thriving business in those days and importers were working hard to fill the shells with as many titles as possible; mainly with publications from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

My videos collection did not really start until the mid 80s, thereabout. And this was also about the same time that mainland China got into the act. Books and magazines were appearing fast and furious and fortunately by then, I was already working with my own purchasing power.

With friends and relatives on the mainland helping me to acquire books not widely circulated, my collection grew exponentially.

Believe it or not, at one time, just paying for my monthly subscriptions of kung fu magazines and books would cost me S$300 – 400 (Singapore dollars) and in those days, you could pay a decent 2nd hand car with that kind of money.

These last few years, I kind of slowed down with buying books/mags and even CDs. Every now and then when I chanced upon something really good … maybe …..

With the internet now, a lot of info and materials are just there for the plucking; if you know where to look of course.

And these days, my mainland friends are just pointing me to sites with the relevant materials ….

Really much simpler that buying books and mailing them to me.

And having said all that, here’s something from mainland CCTV about Emei Kung fu – in English.

See, I told you there are ample materials on-line, if you know where to look.

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