Once upon a time, in Fukien somewhere …

June 10, 2009

Beginning to see more and more of this category of documentaries; well- researched and typically involving current presiding masters or leaders as representatives and providing insights into the various histories and lineages like never before.

Methinks frauds and over imaginative wannabes are going to find it harder to “hang sheep head to sell dog meat”.

Here’s one that traces the beginning of Fukien or Yong Chun White Crane and it even links Wing Chun and Karate to this prominent Southern Boxing style.

Refreshing to finally watch something that’s straight forward with none of the meandering convoluted hypothesizes that are so prevalent these days in forums and so called TCMA books!

The clip also delineates Fuzhou and Fuqing Cranes – a first. The Whooping Crane explained is by far, one of the most accurate; that short performance of old Whooping Crane is  exemplary of this unique Fuzhou expression of the Crane.

Hey the ways thing are going, many of these modern new styled “historians” will be taking over from Hong Kong to dish out the next generation of wuxia novels …….to be adapted into Hollywood flicks …. Naturally.

I know of the presence of a few of these spurious “historians” peddling their snake oil already.

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