SaoLim Tiger.

June 9, 2009

This entry is in response to a mail from Russ regarding a form over on youtube.

A Soalim form and the performer’s shirt got “Sao Hua San” printed on the back.

In 1954 Master Gao Can (Ven Sek) initiated the ‘Singapore Sao Hua San Athletic Association‘, which was taken charge by his non monk disciple Zheng Shu Xiang and some others….. got this off a old Saolim site.

I remember Sao Hua as one of the oldest kung fu schools in Singapore and at one time, I would pass by their roof-top school everyday to work.

The form reminds me of the 3rd form that I studied when I was in Saolim.

At that time, we start with Yi Ki Muay or “one stalk blossom” and this is followed by a 2 man set based on the form.

The third form is a tiger form named “Har San Hor” in Fukien which means “Descending Mountain Tiger”.

A very enigmatic form, after the Saolim Buddhist 2 palms together salute, we jump left, stand on the left leg with the right leg curled behind the left and do a single left hand palm salute.

The whole sequence is repeated with the opposite site and if you look at the youtube tiger form, you see a little of this at the opening.

Ven Sek left behind some of the most “advanced” fighting techniques and concepts, as far as I am concerned, to be digested.

His 5 animals and Lohan series are so multi-layered that even today, I am still trying to fully “get it”.

inside_shuanglinVen. Sek

ZhengShuXiang_21Zheng Shu Xiang

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