My forever, invariable yellow face!

June 4, 2009

I am no historian, anthropologist or sinologist or anything close. 

I am just some guy with an obsession with too many books for my own good really. 

But I am a 50 yrs old Chinese who grew up training and listening to Kung Fu masters transplanted from the mainland to these parts during a tumultuous time that witnessed thousands of families resettling in a strange land. 

A predominantly Muslim region that, even up till today, every thing from race, religion and culture are precariously “balanced” by enforcement for peaceful co-existence. 

Especially now with the mushrooming of China superpower’s influence….. 

Got a mail asking me why I am still clinging onto the “Ming” mentality? 

Why can’t the Chinese learn to let go? 

Again, I am no expert but being a Chinese, why have I got to remember about the old country? 

The communist, Japanese or Manchurian?

Nope, these are some of the reasons why the Chinese left in the first place. The “Ming” dynasty precedes these and probably the last memory, for most migrating folks, of anything “Chinese”. Anything before that is too far back really. 

We remember our roots even after all these years and what we remember is “Ming”. 

So, it not about “clinging on” but being who you are.

Got a nice song here to share with all of you; written and sung by Taiwanese Luo Da Yu and the song is “Pearl of the East”.

A verse from the chorus :-

讓海潮伴我來保佑你 請別忘記我永遠不變黃色的臉


Loosely translated :-

Let the sea tide accompany me to bless you

Please do not forget my forever invariable yellow face


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