Another one bite of dust.

June 4, 2009

So onto another topic that has been so altered in recent years that, for newcomers looking, they would be dazed!

Tai Zu or Grand Ancestor Boxing; leaving the “Long Fist” and “Zhao Jia” version out of this discussion, there are, at least, 5 different lines of transmission reported on the mainland alone.

Now if you add in those in Taiwan and other parts of SE Asia, you’re looking at an even bigger pool.

All Tai Zu & sharing some commonalities at first glance but upon closer examination, you’ll start to appreciate the variations, some subtle and some  obvious. 

And this entire situation is compounded by the scarcity of any kind of published materials for folks like me interested in the background of this long-standing system. 

So every time I meet up with Ah Teck, my TaiZu teacher, you either see my video camera running or me scribbling away in the journal that I carry everywhere I go.

The same scenario took place when I first met GM Ong Choon Sheng, the custodian of Tai Zu in Penang.

You can understand why I was particularly thrilled when during one of my recent trips back to Singapore; Ah Teck gave me a book about Tai Zu.

Yahooo, this is what the Chinese means when they say “to pick up gold”.

A 110 pages big book laden with more pictures than text! 

Gold indeed! 

And oh yes, before I forget, here’s a note to all those going round saying that Northern and Southern Tai Zu are unrelated entities …… pssssss….got news for you; old materials are being revealed by families that verify the connection …. Beyond a shadow of a doubt…..pssssss… 

Have a nice day.




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