June 3, 2009

Okay here goes …..

Just to recap – the various resources that are obtainable if you doing CKF research of history, family trees etc etc… 

  • Published books/manuals throughout the ages. Some of these are really old, handwritten and accompanied by manually drawn illustrations. A few went on to be reproduced later for mass circulation.
  • Sometime at the beginning of the 20th century, books like the one we know started to emerge. Personally, this is the most stimulating time as far as CKF is concerned and books written during those times are, by far, the most accurate …in my book.
  • Clan associations archives where you could uncover listing of CKF families and personalities of a certain dialects or families names’ clan.
  • “Hung Men” or secret societies record. Took me some effort but over the years, I’ve collected poems, drawings of fighting techniques and even paraphernalia used in initiation ceremonies.  
  • Chinese temples are commonly connected to CKF and older temples do keep records. This is where you’ll find me most of these days, talking to temple keepers for info.
  • Martial art families’ record. This is the often heard “orally transmitted” mode of passing on details and info. At some point in the last 50 – 60 years, CKF schools took to publishing year books to ensure that details stay intact and undistorted.

So there you go my hunting ground for CKF information. Not comprehensive but hey, I only got 7 days a week like all of you…..

Posting some pages from a 5 Ancestors yearbook published in 1982 … so that’s 27 years ago, not that old but sadly some of the faces in the book are no longer with us.

The late GM Kan Teck Gan, revered by many as a giant in the world of Chinese Martial Arts; the seeds that he sown have since produced many (many) trees that are bearing proud declarations to his greatness.

My deepest respect – 3 bows.

hokkien eng choon 5 ancestors

hokkien eng choon 5 ancestors009wmwm1

hokkien eng choon 5 ancestors026wmwm1

hokkien eng choon 5 ancestors027wmwm1

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