Emei – Shaolin offshoot.

June 2, 2009

 Ta Da ….from deep within my archive vault, ahem, actually just a heap lying around like a war-zone, comes this old book on Emei Boxing. 

If you read Mandarin and I assume it should be a cinch for you historians out there( if not pray tell me how you are going to rewrite CKF history if you’re dependent on 3rd party narration), you’ll see how Emei is a spin-off from Honan Shaolin some 400 yrs back. 

Yup, it’s all there, white paper and black words and this is just but one book to carry that fact. Almost all my Emei books point to the same. 

But of course there’ll be those in possession of highly secretive bamboo or animal skins books that record Emei coming into spontaneous existence after the big bang.

Or they are in contact with some “esoteric” teacher providing them with exclusive information that is going to flabbergast the world. 

Flabbergast is right. 

Some of the stunts these folks are pulling are downright flabbergasting! 

Like I said before – no medicine is going to save them.

Maybe, if they bother to turn around, they’ll see the shores.

emei mix_Page_002

emei mix_Page_003


Again for full view of thumbnails, you gotta put the finger to work.

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