Fly like an eagle….

May 30, 2009

Arrrgh this book got 100 over pages so I got to do it in installments….. 

I am sure most of you know of this book – “Hung Kuen 1oo Postures” by the late Ying Jow GM Lau Fat Mang. “Hung” here is “hero” and not to be mistaken for “Hung Gar Kuen” – that of Tiger/Crane fame. 

Got some info here about Ying Jow from Sifu Lily Lau’s website :- 

Eagle claw kung fu was invented during the “Sung” Dynasty. Its popularity however, did not come until the” Ming” Dynasty. The historical development of Eagle Claw Kung Fu is as follows: a monk named Lai Chun, who was a famous practitioner of the Fan Tsi style developed an interest in the Eagle Claw techniques. He invested a great deal of time training and improving the techniques which he incorporated into a new set of Fan Tsi Eagle Claw Kung Fu fighting techniques. These techniques were then passed down to a monk namedTao Chaig who passed them on to a monk named Fat Sing. Up until this time, this set of techniques was only taught to Buddhist “monks” and so, these techniques were not known by many people. At the end of the “Ching” Dynasty, a man named Lau Si Chun, from Huibei inherited these fighting techniques from Fat Sing. Lau Si Chun spent thirty years practicing diligently. He became famous in Beijing because of his knowledge and ability in the “Shaolin Fan Tsi Eagle Claw” traditional fighting techniques. Lau Si Chun also specialized in fighting techniques using a “dai gong gee” (long staff). He became known as “Da Gong Gee Lau”, because of his outstanding performances in the “old days” fighting competitions. In his later years, he passed all of his techniques to his nephew Lau Sing Yau; Lau Sing Yau then passed this knowledge to his third son Lau Kai Man and his nephew Chan Tsi Cheng. Lau Kai Man passed the Eagle Claw Kung Fu to his nephew LAU FAT MANG (The 7th Generation Eagle Claw Late Grandmaster).

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