Chuo Jiao.

May 28, 2009

Chuojiao is one of the ancient martial arts of China which was propagated in Zhili (today’s HebeiProvince, China). It was developed over a thousand years ago as legend has it during the Song Dynasty by Master Deng Liang, who had developed 18 fundamental kicking methods and combined them effectively in battle. Chuojiao means ‘Piercing Foot’ and indicates the strength in developing strong and effective legwork/kicking methods. Throughout history many legendary heroes and masters were practitioners of Chuojiao, such as Master Zhou Tong (Teacher of General Yue Fei) and the outlaw Wusong (from the classical novel “Heroes of the Water Margin”).

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I tell you, if I get to start all over again, Chuojiao, Baji and Xinyi would be my choice Northern styles’ picks. 

And please folks, this is NOT modern Wushu. I got very old books describing this style and seeing it in videos these days; I finally get to appreciate all that text and pictorial description. 

“Southern Fists Northern Kicks” …. You cannot get more “Northern” than Chuojiao.

Ah, the amazing kaleidoscope that is Chinese Kung Fu … what more can I say?

Found a superb Chuojiao clip on youtube and the scans are from one of my many books on this style.

tsou chiao_Page_070tsou chiao_Page_071tsou chiao_Page_215tsou chiao_Page_216

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