Who are you, who who ??

May 27, 2009

Hey just wondering, how many of you notice the link buttons and icons on the right of this blog?

You’ll see a “view my stats” link and when you click on it, it shows visitors’ origin, countries and ip addresses etc.

I do periodic checks, just to see where some of you are coming from and some of the names of places are strange to the point that I can’t even pronounce or place on a map 

Must be me and my utter failure in geography class; I am so inept sometimes…. 

And understanding how some things could be culturally offensive, I want to state that absolute no malice is intentional at any times when I say things that sounds like I got a foot stuck in my mouth….

I am plain old innocently ignorant!

A supporting case; many years ago Nissan, the Jap car maker, launched a new series, “Bluebird” that for some reasons did not sell with cars crazy Singaporeans. 

The take up rate was pathetic according to a friend who owned a car dealership. 

They later discovered that it’s because “Bluebird” translated to Fukien, the most common dialect in Singapore, sounds like “Lan Chiao”. 

Now “Lan Chiao” means both “blue bird” and “penis” in Fukien.

And who wants to drive a “penis”

Maybe the ladies?

But have you seen the size of the “Bluebird”… most Singapore females drive compact cars, well at least during that time. 

Now it’s all SUVs and believe it or not, Humvees!!! 

Size does matter it seems but the question is which?

Anyway, if you are from some places, whether physical or intellectual, that find what I write nasty…go suck a lemon. 

Now you know I said that with all the best intent in the world right? 

If MNCs like Nissan can goof who am I to think that I am infallible?


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