To steal or not to steal?

May 27, 2009



Martial morality has always been a required discipline in Chinese martial arts society. Teachers have long considered martial morality to be the most important criterion for judging students, and they have made it the most important part of the training in the traditional Chinese martial arts. It includes two aspects: the morality of deed and the morality of mind.

Morality of deed includes: Humility, Respect, Righteousness, Trust, and Loyalty. 

Morality of mind consists of: Will, Endurance, Perseverance, Patience, and Courage. 

Traditionally, only those students who had cultivated these standards of morality were considered to be worthy of teaching. Of the two aspects of morality, the morality of deed is more important, because it concerns the student’s relationship with master and classmates, other martial artists, and the general public. Students who are not moral in their actions are not worthy of being taught, since they cannot be trusted or even respected. Furthermore, without morality of deed, they may abuse the art and use their fighting ability to harm innocent people. Therefore, masters will normally watch their students carefully for a long time until they are sure that the students have matched their standards of morality of deed before letting them start serious training.


Excerpt from Dr. Yang Jwing Ming’s website here.


And I cannot agree more; standard of morality should prevail over all else especially in traditional kung fu.

In spite of of what’s happening today in the world of TCMA, there was a time that you are measured by not only how well you do kung fu but by your every behavior.

Kung fu followers do make it a point to be at their best at all times – to not be is to bring dishonor to teachers and families. 

Honesty, another desirable quality, should be highlighted in these days of digital interactions and business transactions.

Don’t steal; this is something that is taught everywhere. It could be physical or intellectual items, if you must use materials by others, give credit to the creator.

Impersonation might be the greatest form of flattery but plagiarism is nothing more than thievery.

So unless you want to be known and treated as a thief, check yourself!

It’s your life, it’s your choice and one of these days, it will become your legacy.


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