Mind, Intention and Six Harmonies Fist

May 27, 2009

Xinyiliuhequan (Chinese: 心意六合拳 – “Mind, Intention and Six Harmonies Fist”) is a martial art that developed in Henan Province among the Hui people. It is considered one of the most powerful and fighting-oriented styles of Chinese Martial Arts,] and for a long time it has been known for its effectiveness in fighting, while very few actually knew the practice methods of the style.Xinyiliuhequan, along with Zhaquan and Qishiquan (Boxing of Seven Postures), have been considered Jiaomenquan (Chinese: 教門拳, “religious – i.e. Muslim – boxing”) meant to protect followers of Islam in China.

Xinyiliuhequan’s practice methods are not numerous compared to other styles, and include ten big shapes (Chinese: 十大形), four seizes (Chinese: 四把), single seize (Chinese: 單把), and so on. The style favors close-range tactics, such as shoulder strikes.

For more than two centuries the style had been kept secret and transmitted only to very few Muslim practitioners. Only at the beginning of this century Han Chinese began to learn the style, but even today, many of the most skillful experts of Xinyiliuhequan can be found within Hui communities in China, especially in Henan Province. In modern times, however, the style has been transmitted to Han Chinese as well, especially in Shanghai through Lu Songgao. The style is considered to have two main branches, the Lushan style and the Luoyang style; the latter style is still comparatively rare outside of Hui communities…. From wikipedia. 

I always liked this system; can’t say I really know the underpinnings but the way they execute techniques really stands out.

From another site :-

Liuhe refers to the very important aspect of the three external (wai san he) and three internal (nei san he) combinations resulting in a total of six (liu) combinations. Externally one should combine hands with feet, elbows with knees and shoulders with the kuas (the joints and surrounding areas of the hips). Internally one should integrate and combine mind (xin) with intent (yi), intent with energy (qi) and energy with strength (li). These combinations should be combined to deliver whole body force (zheng jin or zheng li) to all parts of the body and all the way out to palms and feet. Get the whole thing here.

Anyway, linking a youtube clip and scans from one of my mags.



xinyi 10 animals_Page_08

xinyi 10 animals_Page_09

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