What we have here is a failure to communicate!

May 26, 2009

Back to the topic that  I was talking about before the distraction of the digital camera ahem ahem,,,,,,,

The ways some are knocking long held CKF beliefs and calling them myths, legends, folklores and other unsavory terms. 

You’ll find these in forums, websites and published books unified by their attempts to rewrite Chinese Martial Arts history.

And mind you, some of them are pretty persuasive with citations coming from authorative looking texts but in many cases, they are simply quoting one another to build their own arguments.

To me, any CKF historical investigation must first and foremost be about sieving through relevant classical literature to decide a datum, so to speak. 

That datum can be used as reference point for analysis of other independent materials; these are the orally transmitted, kept within clans and families that survived until the present times.

Now with so much available materials, how difficult could it be to see the bottom? 

The 6 millions dollar question is how much of the classical materials did these modern maverick authors bothered with have before they arrived at their enlightened conclusions? 

Including a small sample of these here and these are the ones that we are collating and translating. 

What I really want to do is to present another view at the end of the exercise; a view that has been around for hundreds and some, thousand of years. 

I know I know, I said this many times before- I got hundreds of these books and together with Russ’ remarkable collection of old Okinawa and Japanese books, I am rather sure that seeing the bottom is not mission impossible….finally…..

Too many pages involved, so I thumbnailed them. Click thumbnails for full view.

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