Mine is special!

May 26, 2009

Another system that I’ve been focusing on for quite some time – Emei and organically linked Sichuan CKF systems.

Not widespread outside of the mainland, my studies have so far being limited mainly to books and videos published; some of these works date back 30 – 40 yrs. 

Some time back, I was told of an old CKF teacher, in the Penang area, who is a practitioner and I meant to look him up. 

Well, not successful in my few tries so maybe this year, with things starting to build up in Penang again and all that, maybe ……. 

Emei and Sichuan Kung Fu, due to the dearth of materials, have been twisted, turned and mangled to fit into shapes and forms to agree with all kinds of arguments. 

Probably why you are starting to hear statements like “My style is extraordinary because it contains Emei” yada yada yada… 

Easy to get away when most would have no clue about Emei, in essence nothing more than another derivative of Honan Shaolin that has since morphed into a separate style. 

Again, don’t shoot me; I am quoting from books published and documentaries produced on this topic. 

What I do know is that for the longest time, CKF elders around here talk highly of the Lohan that is associated with Emei. 

Lohan ? 

Now how more Shaolin can you get?

emei compilation_Page_001

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