More nocturnal finds.

May 26, 2009

So what do you do when you can’t sleep and sitting in front of your computer?

You surf the net …. right!

Found this clip on youtube – Vanessa Mae, she of  Thai father and Singaporean mother parentage , doing what she does best…

Performing magic with a violin …….brillant!

Geeez, it’s another one of those nights; scorching hot in the day and next thing you know, it starts to pour in the wee hours of the morning.

Accompanied by strong gushes of winds, man I got to tell you, this is reminding me of living near the Rockies Colorado where you get winds that could sweep you off your feet sometimes ….. I swear. 

I remember this one time; I was out in one of the groceries stores about 6 blocks away from my apartment located at 2nd and Grant Denver and I started out walking okay – a bit chilly that’s all, nothing that a windbreaker cannot handle.

On the way back, the wind got ugly. Cold and freakish high speed winds….. and folks want to know why I prefer living in tropical climate geeez…

But on nights like this, I am beginning to wonder hmmmmm…

The Chinese says “Feng Shui turn around in its own time” – meaning we are all gonna get the good and the bad over time, so stop cheering. Your time is not up yet. 

But if you think Al Gore is right, start doing something about the ways we are messing with the environment.

Maybe that’s the “feng shui” – Man builds and because of foolishness, we all end up destroying everything, throughout history, this is cyclic or feng shui turning. So? Quit the foolishess already! Or else, this world is going to quit.

But at this point, you’ll be glad to know that this entry is not about the environment or feng shui but rather, the strong winds started rattling things I got hanging in the garden and that rudely woke me from my sleep.

Wind or thieves, they all sound the same so with my heavy-duty foot long torchlight, I did my rounds.

Now, I can’t go back to sleep.

So here are some pictures from one of Ah Teck’s San Cheen Do yearbooks. Got all these pictures scanned sometime back when I was talking about the Sanchin or SanChiem training within San Cheen Do. 

And just in case, San Cheen Do is Ah Teck (Teo Choon Teck) hybridized system made up of Fukien Grand Ancestor, 5 Ancestors, Karate, Judo and Muay Thai.

But still, Sanchin or Sanchiem is the heart of San Cheen Do.

Now that is not going to quit anytime soon…..


san cheen do178

san cheen do051

san cheen do059

san cheen do204

san cheen do163

san cheen do087

Balancing with 12.

May 26, 2009

And now, to keep the ying & yang chi of this blog balanced, I call upon the motherload of ying – The 12 Girls Band.

Their “retouched” version of “Racing Horse” , a classic erhu piece is “simply the best”.

To borrow a phrase from the other mother of ying chi, Tina Turner.

Mine is special!

May 26, 2009

Another system that I’ve been focusing on for quite some time – Emei and organically linked Sichuan CKF systems.

Not widespread outside of the mainland, my studies have so far being limited mainly to books and videos published; some of these works date back 30 – 40 yrs. 

Some time back, I was told of an old CKF teacher, in the Penang area, who is a practitioner and I meant to look him up. 

Well, not successful in my few tries so maybe this year, with things starting to build up in Penang again and all that, maybe ……. 

Emei and Sichuan Kung Fu, due to the dearth of materials, have been twisted, turned and mangled to fit into shapes and forms to agree with all kinds of arguments. 

Probably why you are starting to hear statements like “My style is extraordinary because it contains Emei” yada yada yada… 

Easy to get away when most would have no clue about Emei, in essence nothing more than another derivative of Honan Shaolin that has since morphed into a separate style. 

Again, don’t shoot me; I am quoting from books published and documentaries produced on this topic. 

What I do know is that for the longest time, CKF elders around here talk highly of the Lohan that is associated with Emei. 

Lohan ? 

Now how more Shaolin can you get?

emei compilation_Page_001

Back to the topic that  I was talking about before the distraction of the digital camera ahem ahem,,,,,,,

The ways some are knocking long held CKF beliefs and calling them myths, legends, folklores and other unsavory terms. 

You’ll find these in forums, websites and published books unified by their attempts to rewrite Chinese Martial Arts history.

And mind you, some of them are pretty persuasive with citations coming from authorative looking texts but in many cases, they are simply quoting one another to build their own arguments.

To me, any CKF historical investigation must first and foremost be about sieving through relevant classical literature to decide a datum, so to speak. 

That datum can be used as reference point for analysis of other independent materials; these are the orally transmitted, kept within clans and families that survived until the present times.

Now with so much available materials, how difficult could it be to see the bottom? 

The 6 millions dollar question is how much of the classical materials did these modern maverick authors bothered with have before they arrived at their enlightened conclusions? 

Including a small sample of these here and these are the ones that we are collating and translating. 

What I really want to do is to present another view at the end of the exercise; a view that has been around for hundreds and some, thousand of years. 

I know I know, I said this many times before- I got hundreds of these books and together with Russ’ remarkable collection of old Okinawa and Japanese books, I am rather sure that seeing the bottom is not mission impossible….finally…..

Too many pages involved, so I thumbnailed them. Click thumbnails for full view.