Foochow Association.

May 25, 2009

Because of the sizeable Fuzhou or Foochow population here in Sarawak, you’ll find a number of clan associations founded by the various groups of Fuzhou immigrants.

Furthermore, within the Fuzhou communities, there is different clustering like originating from the same village or sharing identical family names, the various associations simply reflect these divisions.

Yah, it’s difficult I know. To add to the complication, you also have sub-groups of Fuzhou.

Take “Ming Chiang” and “Putien” the 2 major sub-groups for instance; the spoken Fuzhou dialect by these 2 varies quite distinctively. 

Even “Whooping Crane” or “MingHe Quan”, long associated with Fuzhou, is done with highly unique method by each of them. 

So there was a time in the Singapore Fuzhou Association, the hub of Whooping Crane, a line was drawn between the 2; this created a competitive atmosphere that could be problematic at times.

Me, I just love the colorful diversity and the unique approaches … to experience the same art expressed in 2 individual flavors really reveal the richness of the art. 

A richness that, after 30 years, is still being uncovered gradually with each passing day.

The pic below is taken at downtown Kuching, Foochow Association building, not far away from the earlier Hockien Association.


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