Son, I got something to tell you ……

May 21, 2009

Wuzu or 5 Ancestors is another of the numerous styles to recognize QuanZhou Shaolin as its birthplace.

In one of the few books published on this superb style, the author cites a 1917 classical manual for historical background reference.

I am pasting a few pages from that book here. 

Written in Mandarin and I assume all the so called CMA “historians” are conversant in this language when dealing with something so Chinese, the author traces the founding to recent times’ descendants. 

Maybe some of the self-styled “experts” want to break it to present days’ Wuzu teachers how they got their history wrong. 

But then again, maybe not…. 

In my part of the world, there’s a differentiation between sensationalized fictions and recording family lineages. 

This is not lala-land where “reality TV” and “make believe” are taken for anything more than simply entertainment.

Not too long ago, defending one’s family honor is typically settled with blood……








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