May 20, 2009

And oh, before any one of you out there starts yelling “he is only interested in Asian Fighting Arts”, here are some pages from another of my books. 

“Old Sword Play”, this book was first published in 1892 and written by one Alfred Hutton, a Englishman I presume. 

Just one of my collections of books on weapons; my favorite is stick fighting really. 

This is followed closely by swords (all kinds) and daggers or short knives. 

In fact, I’ve got some 30 swords and knives here with me in Kuching. 

Each time I travel, I would be shopping for buck knives and switch blades etc etc… 

Living here in Sarawak where indigenous Malay silats proliferate, there are ample opportunities to pick up knives fighting skills. 

Man, I got to tell you these Silat folks really know how to cut and I am not talking beef!

Back to the book, really love some of the techniques within.

You see, I not only care for kung fu and wuxia TV programs and movies, “Zorro” and “The 3 Musketeers”  were staple TV shows for me as a kid growing up in Singapore.

Back in the good old days of black and white TV…….. They just don’t make them like they used to …….


european sword_Page_03

european sword_Page_94

european sword_Page_96

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