New Martial World Order!

May 19, 2009

From one of my many books based on the topic of “Qin Na” or “Seizing and Taking”. 

Again, for those of you out there who are bent on the view that CKF ignores ground fighting, I think this book first published in the 30s, will give you another outlook. 

In fact, the later days’ Lee Ying Arn “Qin Na” book is based on this; almost technique by technique duplication.

And folks, this book, written in old style Mandarin, credits Shaolin and Wudang as the resources of these qin na skills. 

Here again, I understand how some of you are of the persuasion that Shaolin’s influence is overstated.

Geez, all these past Masters were wrong or lying …..

Including some Okinawa karate pioneers who said something like “Train diligently to enter the doors of Shaolin”. 

Maybe the whole thing is a “conspiracy” and now the Dan Browns of the “New Martial World Order” are rising to rebut old wisdom. 

Maybe, maybe …….

Or maybe I should just go catch “Angels & Demons” and remember that in Hollywood “pigs can fly”.

chinna old_Page_20

chinna old_Page_77

chinna old_Page_79

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