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May 14, 2009

Spoke about this a couple of weeks back; a Russian friend, Khadji, wanted to visit Ruan Dong Sifu for some training in Fuzhou China. 

Khadji went thru a Mandarin speaking friend to set this up.

The only issue is that Ruan Sifu speaks Mandarin with a very heavy Fuzhou accent so Khadji wrote to me.

I called Ruan Sifu and got the thing going. 

Anyway, Khadji wrote again and told me about the enjoyable time he spent studying with Ruan Sifu along with some pics.

Posting one here to share. 

I would be in Fuzhou in the next few months depending on how things turn out and the last time Ruan Sifu and I spoke, we talked about visiting some of my relatives who are his personal friend.

Whatever the case, no “translator” is required.

ruan dong


May 14, 2009

One more blog to recommend if you read Chinese and wanna find out more about Chinese culture and the Malaysian scene.

zc1Click here……


May 14, 2009

Another recurring number in CKF

“13 Defenders or 13 Lords” depending on who’s talking, is another nonspecific moniker that shows up in many styles of TCKF northern/southern and internal/external notwithstanding. 

The most often cited must be 13 Defenders from Yong Chun White Crane and GM Kan Teck Guan’s Wuzu which, imho, originated from the former.

Got another “13 Defenders” routine here that is purportedly over a thousand years old…. Hmmmm 

Now if that was true, this is probably the oldest “13” set based on my limited experience. 

Looking at the postures and the name of each; interestingly they are very widespread found in many systems. 

Curiouser and curiouser….

The more I find out, the more I realize how little I know …. To quote American author and chef, Anthony Bourdain. 

Okay, now that Bourdain’s name is evoked, time to look for some food.