Once is never enough.

May 13, 2009

For me, the true incentive of putting together another gathering is the prospect to work with the likes of Por Suk again.

From meeting him for the very first time to our last recent conversation over the phone, I’ve come to really respect and love this grand old doyen of Hay Ban “Opera” Wing Chun Kuen.

Well, since the appearance in MAG2007, Por Suk who is retired from teaching, has received numerous correspondences from various quarters and even met up with another lineage from his WCK.

Knowing how reclusive he is, the group must be really something for him to consent to a face up. 

I am just waiting for the right moment to meet them myself……

Again, the thought of working with Por Suk …. It just makes all that we are going thru right now seems so worthwhile. 

Makes the expected flurry of activities less laborious….

Even then, we got our work cut out in front of us and you what they say:- 

“10 minutes on-stage requires 10 years of hard work training off-stage.”

So for folks staging the whole thing ….. You go figure this one out yourself. 

Some old pics of a much younger Por Suk, his late teacher Saam Chum and kung fu brothers/sisters:-

ps 20wm

pic 103-8wm

pic 114-1wm



ps 37wm

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