More “bird” talk.

May 12, 2009

With 600 + styles recorded over the long historical passage of traditional Chinese Kung Fu, I think very few, if any, of us can really say “been there, done that”.

Well, I suppose you could but I, for one, am not going to buy it. 

Take this widespread generalization for instance; “Southern fists and northern kicks” so popular with this generation of CMA followers, it’s now almost a “de facto” classification criterion. 

But talk to older generation and you are also very likely to hear “”In the north, Shaolin rules and Wudang dominates the South”. 

Yep, this is something that I hear regularly when I was learning the arts, something that is almost never raise these days. 

And what if I say “Crane Boxing” is not exclusive to Shaolin , Fukien or Lama? 


Well, you got Spiritual Crane in Emei and under the Wudang banner, you got another internal school boxing named “Tai Yi Tien Ying Men”.

Tien Ying = “Sky Eagle”. 

They do a beginner’s form call “Spiritual Crane” that, to my eyes, looks like Emei’s. 

This also reminds me of “White Crane Washing Body” that GM Chee Kim Thong taught in his Wuzu lineage.

And GM Chee, as we all know, was a high-hand in both Wuzu and Wu-Chi amongst others. 

Wu-chi, according to many scholars, is a sub-style of Wudang. 

Now this is getting perplexing. 

Time for my spirit – Carlsberg …….

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