Old newsletter.

May 9, 2009

Something else found buried in one of my external drives; after trawling through cluttered and randomly created file folders.

A newsletter I downloaded a while back about the 7th De Thouars Family Gathering held in Denver. I was there as a guest teacher invited by Uncle Bill (Wiliem De Thouars). 

Can’t remember exactly which year this happened but it must have been some good 10 yrs ago ….. geeez another reminder of how fast time just whizzed by. 

Got to slow down, really slow down – smell the roses and all that …

Easier said than done; still got much unfinished business to attend to.

And what that popular maxim again? 

“Life is a journey. Death is the destination, whether you plan it or not”…

Then you not only “slow down”, you get motionless.

With that happy thought – Cheers….   🙂





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