From Russia with “Systema”.

May 9, 2009

Lalalala, so it’s a Saturday – time for a short breather before I start working …. 

But you know what they say “The heavens have plans that precede humans’”

Translated; it started to rain again, not the “Singing in the rain” kind but more “The Perfect Storm” – you really want to stay-in menace.

And who am I to challenge the heavens – Sacrilege with capital S!

Go with the flow man and in this case it’s really flowing……

Well as long as I don’t see flashing lightning, I should be able to stay on-line and idle my time away; digital bliss. 

Plugging in another external drive; got several containing back-up files, materials I downloaded and books scanned for posting, I found several files within a folder named “Non-Asian MAs”.

European sticks fighting, wrestling, boxing, Capoeira, Savate and an assortment of materials from Russia.

Systema – something that only came to my attention these last couple of years with emergence on the internet.

Interesting how so much of it resembles “soft” kung fu…… and in the bottom pic, that technique is something commonly known as “Meteor Chasing Moon” in TCMA.





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