Left parry, right thrust …….

May 8, 2009

This should bring back memories for male Singaporean aged 25 & above…..

We have a compulsory draft system in Singapore; translated – every male Singaporean 18 yrs and above must serve in the military. 

Don’t know about now but during my time, it’s either 2 or 2.5 yrs depending if you’re an officer or non-commissioned officer i.e. ranks lower than lieutenant.

And like armies everywhere I presume, you got to learn unarmed combat. I went thru something that’s like a mish-mash of jujitsu, TKD and some chin-na.

The other thing is fighting with the bayonet and for me that means the dagger attached to an AR15 or M16. 

Now this I love, the parries, butt-strokes, thrusts and believe it or not, shoulder bumps; the whole idea is not to drop the weapon so instead of other hand techniques that might see you losing grip of the rifle, you are limited to the shoulders.

And the instructors were very stringent about keeping to stipulated techniques. 

So every time I flicked a kick or knee my platoon mates, I find myself penalized; 30 push-ups, star-jumps or run round the field in semi-battalion order.

Errrh, kinda wish the army is less regimented sometimes…….

Here are pages from a book I downloaded sometime back – US Marines Bayonet Fighting.

Not sure if that book is still available on-line – make a nice addition to any collection.

marines bayonet_Page_16

marines bayonet_Page_18

marines bayonet_Page_42

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