May 7, 2009

Hey I don’t wanna to spook you or nuthin but did you know – 

That many Buddhist/Toaist or any Chi Gung or Qigong was originally intended to reduce your cravings (read libido). 

I’m serious, talk to any masters from the old schools and they’ll tell you this. 

Most of these religious/longevity qigong is designed to keep you living for a long time. The Buddhists will tell you that it’s to kill your “human” nature. 

And you know the old Chinese saying :- 

“7 drops of rice makes one drop of blood. 7 drops of blood makes one drop of “jing” (read sperm)” 

Therefore, the lesser “jing” you spend, the longer you live. 

I say man, Go take a cold shower already    🙂

And now having said all that, another “qigong” routine for you. 

Hehehehe …..   🙂

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