Master Liew Joon Mew, Hakka Praying Mantis, is one of the few who still practices as a TCM healer in his small village/township about 15 miles outside of Kuching. 

He is continuing a tradition that started with his father who was also a healer in his time and these days, Master Liew spends most of his time in his home based clinic to treat patients. 

On top of that, Master Liew also serves in a voluntary vigilante corp  to keep peace and orderliness in his village,

Reminds you of old time kung fu masters don’t it? 

It’s hard to find more like him these days; folks who remind you of kung fu masters from the past. 

A village healer and peace keeper – a character right out of a wuxia novel …. in my book…..

Some pics here for you. 

The healing pic was taken just this past Saturday and the rest were taken last year.