Killing 2 birds with one clip.

May 1, 2009

Bird #1 :-

Been getting messages about the next “Martial Arts Gathering” I mentioned earlier; well all I want to say at this point is that we are at the early stages of preparation. You can, firstly, imagine the funds that are going to be incurred so that’s the first hurdle. My company footed almost the entire bill of the first gathering, so this time round, we think other institutions, both government, corporate and NGOs should really chip in.

Then there’s the invite list – yes this is a Malaysian show but to give it an “international” flavor, we need to bring in Sifus from around the region; this will also make the show more colorful.

 So, if the gathering is firm, a trip to Fukien and Canton is on the card … for sure.

Por Suk and Peter are attending the “World Zhou Jia” gathering in July and they’re looking to scheduling a side trip to Cho Gar etc…. 

Now if only I get to go along with them ……

The clip you see is from an MA gathering held in Penang in 2007. I culled out the “Hakka” portion to share with you.

 With Penang Masters like them, you can expect some rocking good times.

Bird #2:-

I have been reading how some folks think that “opening salutations” in CKF forms are non-functional and according to them, a waste of time best done away with.

 Well, what can I say really?

If all you want to do is learn to kick, punch, grapple and roll, that’s your prerogative. It’s your life ….

But if you are pursing an “art” form then let me remind you that not everything in “art” is pure function.

Be extra cautious when you are dealing with someone else’s cultural arts.

Nearly every Asian MAs come complete with some forms of salute. The Indian, Malay, Thai, Japanese, Korean and Chinese all perform some variations of “gestures” to respect their founders, ancestors, elders and families. Some do it to honor their God or saints.

Essentially a physical display of “Drink your water and remember the source”.

As much as we embrace “new” ways, some things I hope, will never change.

Especially things that are handed down from one generation to the next for thousands of years; I think much of today’s social problems is a result of attrition of core basic values like honor your elders, dead or alive.

So please, if you are incapable of appreciating this, hold your tongue. It’s not really your place to judge the customs of others, more so, if you declare yourself to be a follower.

To quote Mr. Dylan; “Don’t criticize what you can’t understand”….

In the clip, you get to see some “signature” salute of 3 Hakka styles.

And it’s my hope that the same salute is retained and seen many many years from now.

And folks still remember their roots.

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