May 1, 2009

Back to my favorite “gripe”:- the explosion of self-styled historians advocating guesswork and speculations to offer as “histories” of traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

 And before anyone start yelling that having accurate histories doesn’t make you a better fighter, let me just say this –

 You’re right and grant me that I am also right that it’s wrong to misrepresent history.

 History, if I remember my lessons in school, is a documentation of real events from the past.

Would you be okay if sometimes in the future, someone writes about you and your family speciously?

 Por Suk often says, we can’t turn back time, so we need to fall back on documentations from reputable sources; usually from within a certain families or lineages with proven connection to the originator of the style in question.

And this leads me to my other favorite “gripe”:- look harder and deeper, there are records preserved for the job.

 Not everyone with a mustache is your father!

Scans from a book documenting history, lineages, principles and forms of TaiZu or Southern Grand Ancestor Boxing.

And folks, White Crane, Tai Zu, WuZu, Okinawa Karate and Wing Chun are connected in more ways that most would like you to think…….

The “good show is still coming”.






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