Good Stuff !

April 30, 2009

Spoke about this a few entries back; a brilliant documentary studying the growth of Chinese Martial Arts throughout the ages.

From a military indispensable combat training to subsequent civilians’ proliferation, this documentary provides insights not commonly found in other documentary of the same genre.

Even the styles inspected are uncommon.

And for those who think they’ve “been there, done that” and “seen it all” …. Well I got news for you.

Some of the styles classical styles featured in the documentary are “exotic” even to folks around here.

In the clip, you’ll see something named “Xiong Qi Quan” and if you understand Mandarin, you are going to hear how every village in China came with its own style. I know of enormous ongoing efforts to research and preserve these previously unheard of skills, particularly in my ancestral home in Fuzhou.

So the sky is higher and the earth is thicker after all ………

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