Herbs and insect.

April 29, 2009

These last couple of days I’ve been kept real busy with preparing for an upcoming TCM workshop to be conducted by Sifu Liew Joon Mew, Chu Gar Praying Mantis; shuttling between his clinic and the office takes over an hour …… and with weather being so changeable lately, driving on a wet 2 lanes winding and undulating road isn’t exactly a breeze.

Sifu Liew, besides a Chu Gar expert, is also a proficient TCM practitioner, both old and “new” school. Taught by his father in the old herbal and massage therapy methods, he went on to study acupuncture etc in China, Singapore etc…

My role is the workshop is to help translate as we anticipate more non-Mandarin speaking attendees and Sifu Liew only speak Mandarin and Hakka.

So, much time is spent pouring over TCM topics to be covered and I got to do some background research to ensure that I stay on the right track and with my little formal TCM training; it’s like going back to school again.

Well, you live and you learn, I guess.

But with Sifu Liew, we could never stay away from talking Kung Fu, no matter how hard we try.

So in-between talking hawthorns, ginsengs and acupressure points, we again find ourselves talking insect – Praying Mantis to be exact.

To be even more precise, Hakka Praying Mantis.

I told Sifu Liew, who is researching this topic energetically, that I will try and find some clips from Hong Kong and China for his cause.

Here’s one – right there on youtube. Not exactly PM, but Chu Gar Gao. Looking at the “mechanics” of the performer, I think it’s something that Sifu Liew will love to view.

Youtube is easy. It’s the mainland video sites that are going to be a little tricky…….another winding and undulating road.

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