So tell me, am I Chinese ?

April 27, 2009

Sooo much have been written about Wing Chun and some so diametrically dissimilar that it makes what the late Bruce Lee said rings so clear.

“Distorted by classical mess”.

Perhaps, it’s some of these “modern authors” who are doing all the distorting.

Whatever, it’s an unhealthy trend that is affecting many styles; at the rate things are going, I am starting to wonder if I’m Chinese anymore …. Even though I look like one, talk like one and can traced my ancestry back to the middle kingdom; you see someone might just “expertly” argue that I am not.

Not to throw another spanner into the works, I will start posting some WCK materials here for all to view.

Some are recent takes and others are classical materials detailing WCK – the one that originated in China, that is.

What started out as a “not using power but method to win” philosophy has now transmuted into “The Matrix”.

May the force be with you, Na-Nu Na-Nu blah blah blah…..


Ps – entire manual is 113 pages long, will post in installments.

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