I am a believer.

April 25, 2009

Nowadays, it is really in vogue to declare that Shaolin is just but another one of the hundred of styles of Chinese Kung Fu; challenging the long held idea that Shaolin is one of the main precursors of CKF.

From very young, I was taught that Shaolin has a hand in almost all the Kung Fu still in existence; a notion, even to this day, time-honored by many elders of CKF.

However, many books and forums, are disputing this and all kind of explanations are put forth.

I am one of those who stick to Shaolin as a prime resource of CKF and on many occasions, questioned; accused of being inflexible and anachronistic.

Folks, I got good reasons for not wavering from Shaolin being the key starting place of CKF.

Besides the fact that throughout my 40 years of Kung Fu experience, countless number of Sifus and elders communicated this, I got hundreds of book and some going dating back to the 20s, naming Shaolin as the original source.

So unless and until someone find some iron-clad proof, you are still going to hear me recite:


“10,000 plums blossom on 1 tree and 10,000 methods originated in Shaolin”.


And for those of you studying “Hung Mun” poetry, you must know that this line is an integral part of the initiation poem.

Got some pages here extracted from a book authored by the late great GM Wan Lai Sheng. According to him, there were 5 main Shaolin styles:-

  • Song Shan or Honan
  • Emei
  • Wudang
  • Fukien
  • Canton

Some  branched out to many other sub-styles.

Many folks around here even claimed that, at one time, 10 Shaolin Temples were operating in China even though not all of them were named as “Shaolin” per se.

This info did not just come from oral transmissions but also recorded in manuscripts taken out of China when Chinese resettled in SE Asia.









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