All Martial Arts, One Family.

April 25, 2009

Of all the lessons taught by my Sifu and elders, this has been indelibly imprinted in my mind.

And the most demanding, bearing in mind, how most in the martial world needs to be number 1 – “Winner takes all” or “Victor is King”; since time immemorial, most feuding have revolved around this.

So to me, to be able to bring folks from diverse styles together, in spite of historical baggage, must be the sweetest part of “MAG 2007”.

To see old friendships renewed and new ones formed, cutting across styles, race /dialect,  age gaps and heirarcy is  so gratifying …..

Everyone interacting ,having fun, sharing and working tightly together to put on show to re-emphasize that Kung Fu is truly “the crown jewel of Chinese culture” – you don’t find this very often these days.

When Peter and I spoke about arranging another gathering, my main impetus is knowing that I would be, in a small way, helping to keep CKF alive.

That and the camaraderie coming from every participant, both performing and behind the scene; the organisers, co-ordinators, committee members…..

Not forgetting the 10-course dinner after the finale   🙂

You know what they say; family that eats together stays together.

Same applies to Martial Arts families.

All things said, the event is memorable in many(and some, really unexpected) ways and its something that I will always remember.


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