One more time?

April 21, 2009

You know it has been nearly 2 full years since our “Martial Arts Gathering” held in Penang Malaysia and we are still getting enquires about the next gathering …….

So what’s the deal, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions? Are we doing another?

Well, things are starting to brew again; Peter, my Zhou Jia sihing in Penang and I have been talking lately about putting together another event to bring all TCMA lovers together.

Now with Penang awarded the UNESCO Heritage Status, it makes plenty sense to repeat Penang as the venue; we just need to start putting the pieces together.

Got to tell you folks, I am eager about this prospect but then I also remember the work involved……

All that planning, coordinating and implementing but at least with experience gained from the first show, we know what and who to avoid.

One thing is certain – I want my Seattle school to be involved  🙂

Here are some pics shot during the event in 2007.

Some are taken during rehearsal and the rest during the show itself.

Click on thumbnails for full size.

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