So,what else is new ?

April 20, 2009

 Aged topics are being revived and debated animatedly again …..

“Heaven & Earth Society” and the role this organization played in the development of the stylized Chinese fighting arts.

Many books in my collection talks about how the “Ming” dynasty saw the most systemization and prior to that, CKF training consisted essentially of what you might term as “loose techniques” or “san sik” in Cantonese.

And after the invasion by the Manchu, the “Ching” dynasty witnessed dynamism of the arts that expanded to the masses.

This is the backdrop that set off many clandestine groups of which “Heaven & Earth Society” became one of the most prominent and later to be used by various authors in popular wuxia novels etc…

No, I am not about to enter into the founding and the impact that this group had in many styles that survived until the present times; you get lots of those in forums everywhere, both in English and Chinese.

But because this society did appear in our White Crane history, I started probing a few years back; most of what I knew before came from oral accounts from teachers and elders.

I wanted to find out more.

So I gobbled up every book and magazine article I could find on this subject matter and these days, with easy on-line access to many libraries, my quest is almost coming to a close.

Collating and cross-referencing materials from diverse sources, I am now not easily swayed by the many “new” versions that are popping up everywhere.


To me, many of these presentations are the newer “wuxia” novels – nothing more nothing less.

Here is a good book that I like to recommend if you are looking into Ming/Ching era and the political and CKF landscape of the day.

Got to caution you, this book in written “modern” Mandarin but cite old classical texts that are written in “old” Mandarin.

The kind that makes you wanna go “aaaaaaaaaaarrrrgggggggggghhhhh”…………. not in a good way btw    🙂


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