Time out ….

April 19, 2009

At last, after weeks of running around and putting together project papers, a little time to do some housekeeping before I move on to the next project – déjà vu time ………….

Got books, magazines and video discs all strewn around in a really disorganized manner and I tell you, if the “Fire Department” were to call, my “Occupation License” would probably be revoked.

But then again, I am not the neatiest person I know and my cats see the whole house as their playground and that is not helping none.

So if I ever mail you stuff and you see stains etc …. Don’t ask!!! Some things are best left unanswered – it’s the way of the “Tao”.

Okay…..found some pics taken 10 years ago maybe, in the old Denver school where I first started out teaching Lohan, Tai Chor and a little Fuzhou Crane and another 2 taken couple of  years back during a performance here in Kuching Sarawak and a ensuing press release.

Eerrh, I almost never dress up to do Kung Fu, even till this day but sometimes protocol commands some ceremonies – like performing on stage with dignitaries in the audience or pics for press releases.

In the case of the Kuching’s performance, the guest-of-honor was the Chief Minister of Sarawak himself.


I would love to walk around in shorts and tees everyday. This is thwarted by that bone-chilling famous mile-high weather…..curses.

So there you have it – protocol, press releases and weather … nice ring to it no?


Taken in Denver – closing posture of Saolim Lohan 1st form. lohan-denver


Denver – “Crane standing by river”denver-crane2


Kuching dinner performance – Whooping Crane Babulien “Sinking into middle frame”kuching-performance


Press Release – Ancestral Crane’s “Hundred Cranes Leaving Nest”press

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