Work – another 4 letters word …..

April 16, 2009

Another entry to refute the popular misleading notion that I don’t “work” for a living ……

These past weeks, my assistant and I, have been caught up in getting ready a portfolio to be presented to none other than the current Minister of Tourism Sarawak and his staff.

The project in question entails the expertise of both local and international consultants so just coordinating this portion alone requires some finesse. 

Then there is all that background research work to be done and again, this being the first of its kind project of such expected magnitude, we cannot afford to be lackadaisical.

Okay, okay, this is an adventure-racing expedition that we are planning that calls for support from various government departments.

And, when dealing with the bureaucracy, you need to adhere to protocols and be as professional as possible-particularly when you reach the office of Ministers.

So there you go, I do work for a living.

I just don’t front every project   🙂

Pic shows the Minister of Tourism, Datuk Michael Manyin (seated with tie), Chris Senior – a outdoor and caving specialist, Tina Foo (my boss) and other key personnels from Sarawak Tourism Boad. 

The lady with the scarf is Gracie Geiki, current CEO of Sarawak Tourism Board and I am flanked by Mary and Benedict – 2 managers from Sarawak Tourism Board.


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