Ruan Dong.

April 10, 2009

We did a MA gathering in 2007 in Penang West Malaysia which saw visitors coming from a few countries including Russia.

And like in most gatherings, contact infos were exchanged and recently I received a mail from a Russian gentleman who is planning to visit Ruan Dong Sifu (Whooping Crane) in Fuzhou sometime next month.

Only problem is, his friend, acting as his middleman, speaks only Putonghua or Mandarin and Ruan Sifu’s Mandarin is so strongly laced with Fuzhou that it takes some efforts to understand him.

So I called Ruan Sifu on his behalf to arrange for a week’s training session.

I might be visiting Fuzhou myself in the coming months, to visit relatives and possibly call on him.

Ruan Sifu was sick recently and we spoke a bit about this and if any of you want to help him out financially or in any other manner, write to him.

His email :


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