Another kind of “kung fu” in action.

April 9, 2009

Here’s something from Asia, mainly SE Asia, that I am sure some of you have not heard or seen…..

“Sepak Takraw” :-

Sepal Takraw was created by the royal family of Malaysia about 500 years ago. The name itself comes from two languages. Sepak is “kick” in Malay, and Takraw is the “ball” in Thai. When it is born, It looked like Japanese “Kemari”, and some became a circle, and a pole was kicked, and the number of times was being competed in.
It looks very similar to the Japanese traditional game, “kemari” where the players form a loose circle and the number of times the ball is kicked before it touches the ground is counted. In 1965 the game was unified into the present volleyball style with the addition of a net and the adoption of international rules.

Also very popular in my home town Singapore, I used to play a little during my school days…..

These last few days, combing thru magazines like Action Asia and Asian Geographic for one of my projects, I came across a write-up about this.

Got a youtube clip here for you – watch it and I think you’ll like the jumping outer cresent and bicycle kicks that are standard Sepak Takraw techniques.




2 Responses to “Another kind of “kung fu” in action.”

  1. […] players are amazing athletes. Eric Ling calls takraw, Another Kind of Kung-Fu.  If I were to try Takraw, we can all safely assume that no more than a few seconds would pass […]

  2. […] Eric posted a cool clip. It’s been a while since I saw these guys in action but it’s always impressive. Still, I wonder what their hips are like after 10-20 years of this… […]

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