Not out of the woods, yet ……

April 6, 2009

Some more sample scans from books that are in the process of uploading to martialforest.

Most of these are books published in the last 10 – 20 years on the mainland, so I won’t exactly vouch for “traditional”, as far as the contents are concerned.

Still,  good views of some of the rarer styles like :-

  • Fish Boxing.
  • Golden Lion.
  • Miao tribe Boxing.
  • Flying Crane – I do like one of the 2 Crane books – the one featuring Flying Crane’s Babulien. During my younger training days at the Fuzhou Clan Association, one of the Sifus taught this form – slightly different version.
  • Fukien Tiger – Now is this what Ueichi Sensei did in China ? 
  • Li Gar –  one of the very few books talking about Li Gar.

With 50 odd members and still growing, I hope to get more folks from diverse disciplines to participate in the discussions of some of these uploaded materials.


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