“I will not be the generation that kills traditional kung fu”.

April 5, 2009

Determined and moving statement that someone was using as his “signature” in one of the forums that I frequented.

So what is “killing” traditional kung fu?

This is a very subjective and emotional topic; everyone has got an opinion, I am certain.

“Grandfather has his reasons and grandmother has hers” – to put it succinctly.

Add another familiar saying – “shit smells worse when stirred”.

So, pardon me if I shy away from “opinions”; life is too short & hey! I got 4 cats to look after!!!

But, having said all that ahem, I am of the “opinion” that if we persistently stay mired in the world of “dragons and tigers”,  “chi blast thru space” and “immortality training”, we are putting ourselves on a shortcut to la la land.

How many of you read stuff like – I go into certain postures, breath in a certain manner, my meridian channels from x to z are opened and I am able to deliver a “heart piercing” palm that will kill you, if not instantly, 3 days after?

In a Wuxia novel maybe? Well believe it or not, there are folks peddling this stinky stuff as “traditional kung fu”.

To add salt – only a selected few are privileged to this deadly skill!

Well, what can I say? We cannot pick where to be born or who we are (by birth) but, just like they say in computer programming – “GIGO” – garbage in garbage out….

We get to pick what we put in our psyche and the lesser garbage in, the lesser mouthwash is required.

Attached are sample pages of a topic under discussion in martialforest – Is Tai Ji a “feel good” exercise only?

Love the author’s attitude; he is all “old Tai Ji talk” but in the same breath, scrutinizes some concepts using more present-day approaches…………

And this being a Sunday and all; it’s time to visit my European friend Mr. Carlsberg …. Wait, got to send a Wuzu book to my American friend, Mr. Smith first!

Before he starts giving me “shit” ….. hahahaha…..




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